Sunset CBD Infused Protein Bars 50MG, 4ct

100% Gluten Free Protein Bars Infused with Organic CBD will help ease your mind and relax without any psychoactive effects. This delicious high-protein superfood will help you maintain a well-balanced diet throughout the day while delivering all the beneficial properties of Organic CBD in an easy to consume & nutritious bar. Infused with Certified 100% Organic Hemp Oil that is: - Gluten Free - Non-GMO hemp - No heavy metals or insecticides - Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract - Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabidiol (CBD) The Protein Bars is/has - Gluten Free - No Preservatives - Low Sugar - Non-GMO - No Sucralose - 0g Cholesterol Consumption may help with: - Focus - Stress Relief - Inflammation - Balance energy - Streamline metabolism