Naturally Peaked - 1000MG CBD Vape Pods


Naturally Peaked Health Co. brings high-quality CBD liquid and naturally derived plant terpenes to ensure the purest experience possible. Derived from 100% industrial hemp and organically grown in Colorado.


  • 4 - PACK
  • 100% Organic CBD Cartridges.
  • 250MG of CBD per Cartridge.
  • Each Package Contains 4 Cartridges.


  • Pineapple Express (S)
  • Clementine (S)
  • Blue Dream (H)
  • Gelato (I)
  • TahoeOG (I)
  • Zkittles (I)
  • Watermelon (I)

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Package Containing 4 Cartridges

Strain Legend:

  • Sativa - (S)
  • Indica - (I)
  • Hybrid - (H)

Full-Panel Lab Certification: Full-Panel Lab Certification

Potency Lab Certification: Lab Certification

Learn more about 1000mg Naturally Peaked Vape Pods
Naturally Peaked are one of a few cannabidiol (CBD) brands out there now making pods to work with vape pod systems such as the JUUL and OVNS. However, recognizing that consumers are seeking more potent relief from their e-liquids, they are now manufacturing a range of extra strength vape pods with 250mg of CBD in each!

With four pods in a pack, this works out to 1000mg of CBD-isolate extract per purchase, with naturally occurring terpenes mixed in good for measure. We have all seven strains / flavor profile pods available: Watermelon, Clementine, Gelato, Zkittles, Blue Dream and Pineapple Express, TahoeOG. This gives users a chance to experience sativa, indica and hybrid effects with CBD.

Let's discuss the benefits of each product in the post, but first, let’s take a closer look at the extract used by Naturally Peaked, and how these vape pods differ to some of the others you may have come across.

Made with CBD-isolate and naturally occuring terpenes
CBD-isolate is a form of extract which exclusively contains the benefits of CBD. The most popular method for making this extract is supercritical CO2 extraction, and it’s the ideal product for people who think they may benefit from CBD, but aren’t convinced about taking a full hemp extract. By adding non-intoxicating terpenes in after, as Naturally Peaked does, the therapeutic value of the e-liquid is boosted, while still keeping it completely free of psychoactive effects.

No nicotine or THC – perfect for drugs tests!
This product is much different to cannabis, since it doesn’t have any THC – you can therefore confidently consume CBD products, and be safe for drug tests. This vape e-liquid is also nicotine-free, so doesn’t cause addiction. Indeed, many find CBD e-liquids to be effective smoking cessation products.

High potency vape juice for a powerful JUUL experience
The Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD for medical use. CBD is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.

Watermelon (Indica)
A tasty and fruity indica, Watermelon delivers refreshing relaxation.

Clementine (Sativa)
Enjoy an energetic buzz while still staying in full mental and physical control with Clementine, a sativa-dominant vape juice. 

Gelato (Indica)
Another calming indica, Gelato is often described as having a “gourmet” taste, and you can pick up plenty of flavors from this vape pod. These include earthiness, orange, mint and citrus. Give it a go and see for yourself!

Tahoe OG (Indica)
This vape pod is rich with indica terpenes, and works a treat if you want an e-liquid that maximizes CBD’s relaxing effects.

Zkittles (Indica)
Indica-dominant vape pods are renowned for relief. If you need fast relief with a delicious pod, then try some of these potent Zkittles pods from Naturally Peaked.

Blue Dream (Hybrid)
Blue Dream is the sole hybrid vape pod in our selection, and gives you the best of both worlds, with a lovely sativa and indica combo. The beauty of hybrids is they are relaxing without leaving you sluggish, which is perfect for during the day. 

Pineapple Express (Sativa)
It’s time to liven things up and savor powerful fruity hits with the sativa-dominant Pineapple Express pod. Sativas are great for putting you in a better state of mind, and enhancing motivation.