High Mountain Oolong Tea


This High Mountain Oolong tea is a relatively new tea. First produced in Japan in 1987, this tea remains popular today. The main compound in this tea is gamma-aminobutyric. This amino acid helps with anxiety, improving your mood and helps manage PMS. It also helps promote lean muscle growth and burn fat. With smoky floral scents and light honey taste, why not try this super tea today!


Often described as somewhere between green and black tea, Oolong tea is partially oxidized, where as green is not and black is fully. The process of making Oolong tea includes rolling it to help bring the essential oils out and then allowed to oxidize after being pan-fried. This process is continued until desired flavor is achieved. These flavors can range from honey, fruits, butter and cream too vanilla. The various ways of preparing Oolong tea leads it to being one of the more unique teas to enjoy.