Golden Silk Chrysanthemum Tea


This golden silk Chrysanthemum tea set comes in a gift box of 20 individually wrapped packets made with the highest quality in mind. The great taste of this herbal tea along with its many health benefits make it a must try. Discover if Chrysanthemum tea works for you!


Chrysanthemums or sometimes called mums, are a flowering plant native to East Asia and northeastern Europe. Most species come from East Asia with the most diversity found in China. Tea brewed from the dried flowers of these plants have a golden hue with a flowery taste similar to chamomile.

Not only does tea brewed from Chrysanthemums taste great, it has a a lot of medicinal properties as well. These flowers have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. They have been used to treat respiratory problems, hyperthyroidism as well as high blood pressure. Many believe it can also help reduce inflammation and help with anxiety.